Anolis extremus Barbados Anole
Cherry Tree Hill Reserve, Saint Andrew, BarbadosMay 28, 2014
Barbados Anole (Anolis extremus)
Barbados has only a single native anole species (though some non-native Cuban Brown Anoles are also present there). The Barbados Anole is a fine, colorful, weird-looking species. On our one day on Barbados, we took a guided tour with a vanful of other cruise participants, stopping briefly at a number of scenic and/or cultural sites throughout most of the day. At every stop I took the few available minutes to poke around for herps, and was finally rewarded about halfway through the tour by this young Anolis extremus lurking in the branches of some thick bushes off the side of the road.
Bridgetown, BarbadosMay 28, 2014
Barbados Anole (Anolis extremus) Barbados Anole (Anolis extremus)
When we got back to the cruise dock at the end of our tour, we still had a couple of hours before we had to be aboard the ship. We enjoyed a tasty beverage and some conch fritters at a cruise dock bar, and then walked along the shoreline for a half mile or so into Bridgetown. A thin strip of parkland ran alongside the shore, and most of its scattered trees housed at least one of these fine anoles.
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