Aneides flavipunctatus Black Salamander
Jackson Demonstration Forest, Mendocino County, CaliforniaJuly 18, 2001
Black Salamander (Aneides flavipunctatus)
I was lucky to find this salamander under a big log, because the area was extremely dry, more suited for the alligator lizard and fence lizards that I saw nearby. It really didn't want to pose for me, and kept plodding for cover, but eventually it sat still for a few seconds and I got a decent shot.
Robert Louis Stevenson State Park, Napa County, CaliforniaMarch 30, 2002
Black Salamander (Aneides flavipunctatus)
This young salamander was found in the usual salamander place -- under a log. It was something of a consolation prize after my friend Bruce Schneider and I had spent a very long day of hiking hoping unsuccessfully to find Mt. St. Helena Mountain Kingsnakes to admire and photograph. (Bruce went back the next weekend and did find one.)
Lake Sonoma Recreation Area, Sonoma County, CaliforniaFebruary 13, 2010
Black Salamander (Aneides flavipunctatus) Black Salamander (Aneides flavipunctatus)
On the hunt for Red-bellied Newts, I found a few other salamander species, including several of these black salamanders.
Lake Sonoma Recreation Area, Sonoma County, CaliforniaFebruary 14, 2010
Black Salamander (Aneides flavipunctatus)
Very young Aneides flavipunctatus are often flecked with green or gold. This tiny tot was less than an inch long.
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