Anolis krugi Olive Bush Anole
Also known as:
Upland Grass Anole
El Yunque National Forest, Puerto RicoMay 23, 2014
Olive Bush Anole (Anolis krugi)
I didn't have any opportunities for hardcore or even mediumcore herping while in the Caribbean because I was there as part of a family cruise trip and the other family members are for some odd reason not as into lizards and snakes and frogs as much as I am. Our visit to El Yunque National Forest was perhaps my best chance to spot some animals, but we were not there for long, and on-and-off drizzle kept the animal activity down too. I was happy to notice this pretty anole warming up in a drizzle-free moment while other family members were using the facilities. I only saw one other Anolis krugi, but it was much farther away and I didn't have a telephoto with me.
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