Aparallactus modestus Western Forest Centipede-eater
Bobiri Forest Reserve, Ejisu-Juaben, Ashanti Region, GhanaAugust 9, 2018
Western Forest Centipede-eater (Aparallactus modestus) Western Forest Centipede-eater (Aparallactus modestus)
This was our group's first snake found in Ghana. We had no way of knowing at the time that we wouldn't see too many other snakes. Maybe just bad luck, though a local expert suspected that time of year played a role.

This snake really did not want to show its head. Above are photos of it hiding its head on the dirt road where found at night, and also the next day when we attempted to pose it elsewhere on the same dirt road.

Bobiri Forest Reserve, Ejisu-Juaben, Ashanti Region, GhanaAugust 10, 2018
Western Forest Centipede-eater (Aparallactus modestus)
We found one more the next night, which was equally uninterested in showing its head.
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