Anolis nebulosus Clouded Anole
Rancho Acosta, Álamos, Sonora, MexicoAugust 20, 2017
Clouded Anole (Anolis nebulosus) Clouded Anole (Anolis nebulosus)
My carmates Matt Cage and Andrew DuBois arrived at Rancho Acosta in Álamos before the other carfuls of herpers in our group. While we waited for the others to arrive, I noticed this small, inconspicuous anole perched on a frond in a potted plant just outside of the rooms. Matt told me that in his dozen or so visits to Álamos over the years, this was only the sixth anole he had seen.

Clouded Anoles are the northernmost anoles in Central America, reaching up about halfway through the state of Sonora.

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