Ancylodactylus spinicollis Cameroon Collared Gecko
Bobiri Forest Reserve, Ejisu-Juaben, Ashanti Region, GhanaAugust 10, 2018
Cameroon Collared Gecko (Ancylodactylus spinicollis)
When I saw this resting gecko near the end of a long night hike, I just assumed it was another of the fairly generic-looking Hemidactylus we had seen in the same forest, and just took one quick photo. The next day I was looking through my photos, since transferred to my iPad, and realized that the skinny toes ruled out Hemidactylus. I thought it looked like Cnemaspis I had seen in Malaysia, but wasn't sure, and The Reptile Database didn't list any Cnemaspis in Ghana. Later, Dr. Adam Leaché identified the species for me as Cnemaspis spinicollis. In 2022 the African members of Cnemaspis were reclassified into the genus Ancylodactylus.
Bobiri Forest Reserve, Ejisu-Juaben, Ashanti Region, GhanaAugust 11, 2018
Cameroon Collared Gecko (Ancylodactylus spinicollis)
The next night I spotted another one, active at the base of a large tree trunk. It skittered away pretty quickly, but at least I got one decent photo.
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