Anaxyrus cognatus Great Plains Toad
The genus Anaxyrus was split from Bufo by Frost et al in 2006. This split is particularly controversial among herpetologists, and many references still use the long-established Bufo.
near Sierra Vista, Cochise County, ArizonaAugust 7, 2004
Great Plains Toad (Anaxyrus cognatus)
Like the Couch's Spadefoot, this is another relatively common toad in southern Arizona, but one which I had not yet seen. This one was a particularly regal slob of a toad, wouldn't you say?
Cochise County, ArizonaAugust 14, 2013
Great Plains Toad (Anaxyrus cognatus)
Here's another regal slob, with much greener blotches. These toads look so very proud.
near Animas, Hidalgo County, New MexicoAugust 4, 2014
Great Plains Toad (Anaxyrus cognatus)
The apparent attitude on the faces of these blobby toads never fails to crack me up.
Cochise County, ArizonaAugust 24, 2016
Great Plains Toad (Anaxyrus cognatus)
These toads spend their days (and much of the year) buried in the ground, and they don't typically bother to clean up the evidence before going out. So uncouth!
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