Bronchocela jubata Maned Slender Agama
Also known as:
Maned Forest Lizard, Great Crested Canopy Lizard
Cafe Luna, Ubud, Bali, IndonesiaOctober 18, 1999
Maned Slender Agama (Bronchocela jubata)
I was enjoying a delicious meal at Cafe Luna, which is open to the air on two sides, when my eye chanced upon this gangly green lizard barely noticeable in some nearby bamboo. Fortunately I carried my camera with me everywhere; unfortunately this was the only individual I ended up seeing, and it wasn't very close.

Thanks to Frank Bambang Yuwono for helping me identify this lizard as Bronchocela cristatella. Check out his Herpetology of Indonesia web site. This genus was revised in 2005 and the Bali populations are now considered part of Bronchocela jubata.

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