Coleonyx brevis Texas Banded Gecko
Also known as:
Lesser Ground Gecko
Big Bend National Park, Brewster County, TexasApril 21, 2010
Texas Banded Gecko (Coleonyx brevis) Texas Banded Gecko (Coleonyx brevis)
This was my favorite of the various lizards I encountered at Big Bend. What a gorgeous little creature! They are fairly common in this area, but during the day they hide under rocks and logs and such so they are most often seen at night crossing the roads.
Big Bend National Park, Brewster County, TexasApril 25, 2010
Texas Banded Gecko (Coleonyx brevis)
I saw a couple more of these attractive geckos a few days later, but they weren't quite as colorful as that first one. This one was wagging its tail in an entertaining way, though I'm sure the gecko thought it looked cool, or looked threatening, or was successfully distracting me from looking at the rest of the lizard.
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