Ctenophorus ibiri Eyre Peninsula Mallee Dragon
Ctenophorus ibiri was split from Ctenophorus fordi in 2023. This species and others described at the same time were given indigenous names; "ibiri" means "small lizard" in the Barngarla language.
Hincks Conservation Park, South Australia, AustraliaOctober 27, 2015
Eyre Peninsula Mallee Dragon (Ctenophorus ibiri) Eyre Peninsula Mallee Dragon (Ctenophorus ibiri)
I spent a half hour or so wandering about in the sandy mallee scrub of Hincks Conservation Park to see if I could scare up any lizards or snakes. The first fifteen minutes were uneventful, but then I spotted a small light gray lizard shape racing into a bush. I could not find that one again, but soon I saw three or four more. If I was too close, they would race far away and disappear. But if I saw them move while I was still pretty far away, I could then sneak up and get a photo or two before they would race off again.
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