Chironius fuscus Olive Whipsnake
Also known as:
Brown Sipo
Santa Cruz Forest Reserve, Loreto, PeruJanuary 19, 2014
Olive Whipsnake (Chironius fuscus)
This snake was perched high in the vegetation overhanging a stream. By grabbing the right branch and pulling it in the right direction, one of the local staff members convinced the snake to start moving towards our side of the stream. Two of us stood at the edge of the embankment and reached out to try to grab the snake as it got near. We each managed to touch it at the same time, but not to get a good hold, and the snake dropped into the stream. The stream was big and murky enough that we couldn't see through it, so we were all watching the edges in the hopes of seeing Mr. Fuscus reemerge. We also poked and prodded in the muck with some long snake tongs. But all to no avail, as we did not see this snake again. We told Edvin, who had spotted the snake originally, that he would just have to find another one. He laughed, and then found another one about ten yards away (we originally thought it was the same snake, but it was darker, smaller, and completely dry).

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