Cryptoblepharus plagiocephalus Péron’s Snake-eyed Skink
This species was formerly considered to range across most of Australia, but was split as part of Horner’s restructuring of this genus. It is now restricted to a relatively small area in Western Australia.
Kalbarri, Western Australia, AustraliaNovember 9, 2005
Péron’s Snake-eyed Skink (Cryptoblepharus plagiocephalus)
Wandering around at the Kalbarri Palm Resort was an easy way to find these little skinks on trees. They weren't quite so easy to photograph though; a bunch of 'em skittered away before I finally managed to sneak up on one closely enough to get a photo.

According to Horner, the skinks in this area are either C. plagiocephalus or C. buchananii. Telling them apart requires a microscope and an upside-down, motionless skink in hand, or some DNA tissues and expensive equipment.

Kalbarri National Park, Western Australia, AustraliaNovember 11, 2005
Péron’s Snake-eyed Skink (Cryptoblepharus plagiocephalus)
Here’s another nearby Cryptoblepharus. I had originally identified it as probably Cryptoblepharus carnabyi, but Horner relegated that species to the status of junior synonym of Cryptoblepharus plagiocephalus. So now I know that it is not C. carnabyi but I don’t know whether it is C. plagiocephalus or C. buchananii.

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