Cryptoblepharus pulcher Elegant Snake-eyed Skink
Also known as:
Fence Skink, Wall Skink, Bright Snake-eyed Skink
Subspecies I've seen:
C. p. clarus
Bright Snake-eyed Skink
C. p. pulcher
Elegant Snake-eyed Skink
Cryptoblepharus pulcher clarus Bright Snake-eyed Skink
Lincoln National Park, South Australia, AustraliaOctober 28, 2015
Bright Snake-eyed Skink (Cryptoblepharus pulcher clarus)
This species is mostly found along the east coast of Australia, but a few isolated populations live on the southern coast. These southern ones are classified as a separate subspecies from the others.
Cryptoblepharus pulcher pulcher Elegant Snake-eyed Skink
Wynnum, Queensland, AustraliaFebruary 18, 2003
Elegant Snake-eyed Skink (Cryptoblepharus pulcher pulcher)
While we were in Wynnum hoping to spot dugongs, I managed to get one of these skittish skinks to sit still on a tree trunk for long enough to focus my camera.
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