Dipsas catesbyi Ornate Snail-eating Snake
Also known as:
Catesby’s Snail-eater
Santa Cruz Forest Reserve, Loreto, PeruJanuary 19, 2014
Ornate Snail-eating Snake (Dipsas catesbyi)
This is an arboreal, nocturnal snake that is considered abundant in this part of Peru at least. Yet somehow I had managed to see 16 Imantodes cenchoa in the area before I finally saw my first one of these. This individual was spotted by our local staff member and eagle-eyed snake-finding master, Edvin.

Here is a complete list of the herps I saw in the wild on my 2014 MT Amazon Expeditions trip.

Santa Cruz Forest Reserve, Loreto, PeruFebruary 8, 2016
Ornate Snail-eating Snake (Dipsas catesbyi)
Cliff Bernzweig found this napping beauty while the two of us were unsuccessfully searching for glass frogs.
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