Diplodactylus ornatus Ornate Gecko
Kalbarri National Park, Western Australia, AustraliaNovember 10, 2005
Ornate Gecko (Diplodactylus ornatus)
We found this gecko while night-driving on the paved ocean overlook roads in Kalbarri National Park. This was our first evidence that not all of the numerous geckos we were seeing were Soft Spiny-tailed Geckos.

Here is a complete list of the reptiles and frogs I saw on this trip to Western Australia.

Peron Peninsula, Shark Bay World Heritage Area, Western Australia, AustraliaNovember 14, 2005
Ornate Gecko (Diplodactylus ornatus)
A few nights later, we saw another of these on the road that cuts across the Peron Peninsula, between Monkey Mia and Denham.
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