Eurycea guttolineata Three-lined Salamander
Unicoi State Park, White County, GeorgiaMay 6, 2004
Three-lined Salamander (Eurycea guttolineata)
It was laundry day when we reached Unicoi State Park. The laundry room was a five-minute hike from our campsite, and when I went down to retrieve our laundered clothing I was too early, so rather than twiddle my thumbs in the laundry room or hike back to the campsite, I meandered to a nearby stream and looked under a couple of stones along its bank. This large salamander had been crouching under a stone, but when exposed it made a mad dash toward the water. I managed to prevent this escape and went back to the campsite without laundry but with a lovely salamander to photograph. (It hadn't occurred to me to bring my camera and tripod down to the laundry room for some reason.) After a few photos I released the salamander back under its rock, washed my hands in the stream, and retrieved our laundry.
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