Enyalioides microlepis Small-scaled Forest Dragon
Also known as:
Small-scaled Woodlizard, Blue-throated Dwarf-Iguana, Tiny-scale Dwarf Iguana
Madre Selva Biological Station, Loreto, PeruJanuary 13, 2014
Small-scaled Forest Dragon (Enyalioides microlepis)
I originally identified this as an Amazon Forest Dragon (Enyalioides laticeps), a similar and more common species in this area. I didn't even realize that there was a second Enyalioides species in the area until my friend Matt Cage told me about it in March, 2022. Among the differences, E. microlepis has duller colors, shorter dorsal ridge spines, and a dorsolateral row of enlarged spiny scales. They are also smaller as a rule, but that doesn't help much when trying to identify an individual. This one is a youngster.
Madre Selva Biological Station, Loreto, PeruFebruary 3, 2016
Small-scaled Forest Dragon (Enyalioides microlepis)
While digging back through my old Enyalioides pictures, I found an adult E. microlepis in addition to the youngster above.
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