Gekko kuhli Kuhl’s Flying Gecko
Also known as:
Flying Gecko, Gliding Gecko, Kuhl’s Gliding Gecko, Common Flying Gecko
This species was formerly placed in genus Ptychozoon, but recent molecular studies showed that Ptychozoon was an artificial grouping.
Lowlands, Selangor, MalaysiaJanuary 16, 2017
Kuhl’s Flying Gecko (Gekko kuhli) Kuhl’s Flying Gecko (Gekko kuhli)
The Old World tropical rainforests are home to many a flying-but-not-really-flying animal, including various flying frogs, flying snakes, flying lemurs (which not only don't really fly but also aren't really lemurs), etc. Included in this honorable list are the flying geckos (which don't really fly but are in fact geckos). My guide Kurt "Orion" G spotted this one in the rafters of a shelter in the forest. We caught it so I could get some photos better than the first one above. The second photo here was taken on a large buttress root just outside the raftered shelter, and shows that these geckos have terrific camouflage in addition to remarkable gliding abilities.

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