Gehyra mutilata Common Four-clawed Gecko
Some other names for this species:
Mutilating Gecko, Skin-shedding Dtella, Stump-toed Dtella, Four-clawed Gecko, Stump-toed Gecko, Tender-skinned House Gecko
Relais du Masoala grounds, Maroantsetra, Toamasina province, MadagascarApril 30, 2007
Common Four-clawed Gecko (Gehyra mutilata)
These geckos were sharing the walls of Relais du Masoala with geckos that I thought were Hemidactylus mabouia. I was more interested in these guys because I'd never seen them before, whereas I've seen H. mabouia in many parts of the world. Unfortunately, these were both less common and more shy. (However, I later discovered that the geckos that I thought were H. mabouia had been reclassified as another species that I hadn't seen before, Hemidactylus mercatorius). I'm extremely curious about the origin of the name "Mutilating Gecko".

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Lowlands, Selangor, MalaysiaJanuary 16, 2017
Common Four-clawed Gecko (Gehyra mutilata) Common Four-clawed Gecko (Gehyra mutilata)
These geckos range from Madagascar through southeast Asia and west to Hawaii and even southwest Mexico. Authorities believe that they are probably native to southeast Asia and introduced by humans everywhere else (and who am I to doubt "authorities"?).

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Park headquarters area, Kinabalu Park, Sabah, MalaysiaMarch 4, 2018
Common Four-clawed Gecko (Gehyra mutilata)
They aren't particularly concerned with elevation, being present here in the highlands of Mt. Kinabalu as well as down at sea level and everywhere in between.
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