Gonyosoma oxycephalum Grey-tailed Racer
Also known as:
Red-tailed Green Rat Snake, Red-tailed Racer, Arboreal Rat Snake
near Poring, Sabah, MalaysiaMarch 3, 2018
Grey-tailed Racer (Gonyosoma oxycephalum)
After a few days in a forest camp, Kurt led the way back to town where we were to meet our ride. He blames the combination of his heavy backpack and his heavy front-worn camera pack for his failure to notice this snake spread across the trail. Fortunately, he did not step on it.

Typically these snakes would zip off into the forest when disturbed. This would have been sad, because it turned out that both of our cameras were fogged from the humidity. Fortunately, this particular snake was kind enough to remain immobile as we waited for the lenses to clear up.

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