Rena dulcis Texas Threadsnake
Also known as:
Texas Blind Snake
The genus Rena was split from Leptotyphlops in 2009 by Adalsteinnson et al. Leptotyphlops is now used only for Old World snakes.
Subspecies I've seen:
R. d. dulcis
Plains Threadsnake
Rena dulcis dulcis Plains Threadsnake
Hill Country State Natural Area, Bandera County, TexasApril 10, 2010
Plains Threadsnake (Rena dulcis dulcis) Plains Threadsnake (Rena dulcis dulcis)
I've always heard that everything is bigger in Texas. So what's the deal with this, my first ever Texas snake? Not quite the smallest snake I've ever seen (that would be this species), but not too much bigger, either.
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