Leptodactylus fragilis Mexican White-lipped Frog
Also known as:
American White Lipped Frog, White-jawed Robber Frog, White-jawed Frog, Cope’s White-lipped Frog, White-lipped Foamfrog, White-lipped Frog, White-lipped Thin-toed Frog
This species was formerly known as Leptodactylus labialis.
Pook's Hill, Belmopan, BelizeApril 11, 1998
Mexican White-lipped Frog (Leptodactylus fragilis)
This pretty big frog was found by flashlight on the same short night hike that revealed a blunt-headed tree snake, some silky anoles, and a turniptail gecko. Not bad for about thirty minutes.
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