Ranoidea wilcoxi Eastern Stony Creek Frog
Some other names for this species:
Wilcox’s Frog, Rocky River Treefrog
This species was split from Litoria lesueuri in 2004, then transferred to Ranoidea some time later.
Garden of Red Mill House, Daintree, Queensland, AustraliaFebruary 14, 2003
Eastern Stony Creek Frog (Ranoidea wilcoxi)
This handsome frog spent most days on the raincover of the motorcycle owned by Andrew and Trish, proprietors of the highly-recommended Red Mill House Bed and Breakfast. They were surprised not to find it there when I was inquiring about the local frog population. Surely it had not chosen this day to take a vacation? Fortunately, such was not the case; it had merely settled for this day on a banister a few feet away from its usual perch.

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