Leiocephalus lunatus Hispaniolan Maskless Curlytail
Also known as:
Santo Domingo Curly-tailed Lizard, Santo Domingo Curlytail Lizard
Casa de Campo, Dominican RepublicMay 11, 1999
Hispaniolan Maskless Curlytail (Leiocephalus lunatus)
Several of these ground-dwelling lizards lived on the rocks lining the walkway to the Casa de Campo beach. Their tails are rarely if ever held straight, like most lizards. Instead the tails are constantly twisting and coiling. Bartlett says this acts as both a sexual attractant and a territorial mechanism. This one is an adult male; the females don't have such dark spots on the throat.
Casa de Campo, Dominican RepublicMay 12, 1999
Hispaniolan Maskless Curlytail (Leiocephalus lunatus)
This one's a juvenile, nicely displaying the coiled-tail look.
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