Litoria pallida Pale Frog
Also known as:
Peach-sided Rocketfrog, Coastal Floodplains Treefrog, Variable Frog, Plain Ground Hylid
Bardedjilidji, Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory, AustraliaNovember 14, 2009
Pale Frog (Litoria pallida)
This was the second of two frogs I saw hopping in the leaf litter within a couple of feet of each other. They were about the same size and shape and color, and I assumed that they were the same species at the time. But when I studied the photograph later I realized that the first one was Litoria watjulumensis and this one was not. This species and L. tornieri look very similar, but the lack of red color leads me to believe that this is L. pallida.

I’ve written up an account of this three-week trip to Australia here.

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