Mantidactylus sp unidentified species
Andasibe area, Alaotra-Mangoro region, MadagascarApril 27, 2023
unidentified species (Mantidactylus "femoralis") unidentified species (Mantidactylus "femoralis")
These frogs look a lot like Mantidactylus femoralis, but so do a bunch of undescribed species. C'mon Madagascar herpetological taxonomists, this group needs some of your love!

Here is a list of all the reptiles and frogs I saw on this 2023 trip to Madagascar.

Andasibe area, Alaotra-Mangoro region, MadagascarMay 1, 2023
unidentified species (Mantidactylus "femoralis") unidentified species (Mantidactylus "femoralis")
This is lighter and more uniform in color than the previous two mystery frogs, but has essentially the same shape (including the somewhat-pointy snout). I would have chosen Mantidactylus femoralis for the ID if I didn't know that there are several undescribed lookalike species.
Andasibe area, Alaotra-Mangoro region, MadagascarMay 2, 2023
unidentified species (Mantidactylus "femoralis")
This one comes complete with racing stripe and extra-bumpy skin! You would think these extra features would help clarify which species it is, but not so much.
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