Gephyromantis asper East Betsileo Madagascar Frog
Ranomafana National Park, Fianarantsoa province, MadagascarApril 28, 2007
East Betsileo Madagascar Frog (Gephyromantis asper)
This is a small floor-dwelling species, very wiggly and jumpy. I chased it around for awhile before it stopped for a brief photo session.

Here is a list of all the reptiles and frogs I saw on this trip to Madagascar.

Masoala National Park, Toamasina province, MadagascarMay 2, 2007
East Betsileo Madagascar Frog (Gephyromantis asper)
This species has very variable colouration. Glaw and Vences don't show any records of M. asper from the Masoala Peninsula, but this individual is a near-exact match for a specimen in their book that's from Montagne d'Ambre further north.
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