Mantidactylus betsileanus Betsileo Madagascar Frog
Ranomafana National Park, Fianarantsoa province, MadagascarApril 27, 2007
Betsileo Madagascar Frog (Mantidactylus betsileanus) Betsileo Madagascar Frog (Mantidactylus betsileanus)
Compared to some of the other widely assorted frogs we saw at Ranomafana, this one was fairly drab. But at least it was willing to sit still indefinitely for me, which is a very helpful trait when there are so many similar species in Madagascar. I'm still not completely sure that I got the identification right, but the general shape, granular skin forming irregular ridges, coloration, and faint trace of a light spot on the tip of the snout are all indicative of M. betsileanus. I'd be more confident if the the light spot on the tip of the snout were much more obvious; I think it's there when studying the closeups but I'm not sure.

Glaw and Vences also list another not-yet-described species that they call Mantidactylus sp. aff. betsileanus "slow calls" that also lives at Ranomafana and is indistinguishable in the field but for some glands on the bottom of the hind legs of the males. Since I didn't turn the frog over to check its femoral glands, I'll never know which one I saw, assuming it's not some completely different species.

Here is a list of all the reptiles and frogs I saw on this trip to Madagascar.

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