Gephyromantis luteus White Madagascar Frog
Masoala National Park, Toamasina province, MadagascarMay 1, 2007
White Madagascar Frog (Gephyromantis luteus) White Madagascar Frog (Gephyromantis luteus)
This frog was at least five feet above the ground, poised on a leaf, possibly waiting for the spider at the upper right of the first photo to move into a more lunge-worthy position. The angular ridges on the shoulders help identify this species as M. luteus.
Andasibe area, Alaotra-Mangoro region, MadagascarApril 25, 2023
White Madagascar Frog (Gephyromantis luteus)
The Authority does not show this frog in the Andasibe area. Instead it shows Gephyromantis sculpturatus, a frog that basically looks the same but is found at higher elevation than Gephyromantis luteus. But this information is no longer current; in 2021 Gephyromantis sculpturatus was synonymized with Gephyromantis plicifer, and Gephyromantis plicifer was redefined to be restricted to a few locales, and almost all of the frogs that look like this from other places were put back into Gephyromantis luteus. Ask me again next week.

Here is a list of all the reptiles and frogs I saw on this 2023 trip to Madagascar.

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