Mimophis mahfalensis Pencil Snake
Also known as:
Southern Big-eyed Snake
Reserve Reniala, Ifaty, Atsimo-Andrefana region, MadagascarMay 15, 2023
Pencil Snake (Mimophis mahfalensis) Pencil Snake (Mimophis mahfalensis)
We watched this snake play cat-and-mouse with the Chalaradon madagascariensis that's visible in the bottom left corner of the photo. The lizard seemed fully aware of the snake and stayed outside of its striking range, but also didn't leave the area. It was darting from place to place and doing some studly poses while seemingly pretending not to notice the snake slowly stalking it. I think we watched this go on for about ten minutes before moving on and leaving the two reptiles to play their life-and-death games.

Here is a list of all the reptiles and frogs I saw on this 2023 trip to Madagascar.

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