Mantidactylus majori Ivohimanita Madagascar Frog
Ranomafana National Park, Vatovavy region, MadagascarApril 27, 2007
Ivohimanita Madagascar Frog (Mantidactylus majori)
After the first hour or so in Ranomafana, our local guide Theo had caught on to the idea that I wanted to see as many different types of lizards, snakes, and frogs as possible. When the trail got near a medium-sized stream, he told us to wait, clambered quickly down the steep streambank, waded out into the stream up to his knees or so, and pounced. With a big smile on his face, he emerged with this frog, which was willing to sit exposed on the trail only for a minute or so before leaping back towards the stream.

Here is a list of all the reptiles and frogs I saw on this 2007 trip to Madagascar.

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