Micrurus putumayensis Sooty Coral Snake
Also known as:
Putumayo Coral Snake
Madre Selva Biological Station, Loreto, PeruJanuary 16, 2014
Sooty Coral Snake (Micrurus putumayensis)
After a few days of only moderate snakitude in the Peruvian rainforest, this beautiful coral snake was the first of eleven snakes seen in one night. Most of them were found by the local staff, including this one, which was found in a creek and brought up to the trail for a few photos before being captured to bring back to camp for everyone else to see the next day.

Though coral snakes in general are commonly seen in this area, this is not one of the commonly-seen species. Only a handful have been found on MT Amazon Expeditions trips over the past couple of decades.

Here is a complete list of the herps I saw in the wild on my 2014 MT Amazon Expeditions trip.

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