Trachylepis tandrefana Madagascar West Coast Skink
Anjajavy, Sofia region, MadagascarMay 8, 2007
Madagascar West Coast Skink (Trachylepis tandrefana) Madagascar West Coast Skink (Trachylepis tandrefana)
I saw several of these skinks in the protected dry forest of Anjajavy. I couldn't find any matching species in the 2nd edition of Glaw and Vences at all, so I assumed it was a species not yet known at the time that book was published.

When the 3rd edition of Glaw and Vences's guide came out in late 2007, I searched again for a skink that could be this one. The description of Trachylepis tandrefana is quite a good match, and they are reported from the west coast not too far south of Anjajavy. So I believe that these skinks are either T. tandrefana or a closely related but not yet described species.

Here is a list of all the reptiles and frogs I saw on this 2007 trip to Madagascar.

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