Occidozyga lima Floating Spotted Frog
Some other names for this species:
Rice Paddy Frog, Floating Frog, Java Frog
Puri Kamandalu, Ubud, Bali, IndonesiaOctober 17, 1999
Floating Spotted Frog (Occidozyga lima)
I found this translucent little charmer at night in a shallow lily pad pond on the hotel grounds. It was sharing the pond with at least four other species of frogs and toads, and probably more.

Indonesian herp expert Frank Bambang Yuwono believes that this frog may be the much lesser-known Occidozyga sumatrana, formerly known as Occidozyga laevis, and commonly known as the Puddle Frog. It's impossible to tell for certain from a single photo.

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