Pachymedusa dacnicolor Mexican Leaf Frog
Also known as:
Giant Mexican Leaf Frog, Mexican Giant Tree Frog
This species is classified as Agalychnis dacnicolor by some authorities. Long ago it was placed in the genus Phyllomedusa.
near Álamos, Sonora, MexicoAugust 20, 2017
Mexican Leaf Frog (Pachymedusa dacnicolor) Mexican Leaf Frog (Pachymedusa dacnicolor) Mexican Leaf Frog (Pachymedusa dacnicolor)
We found one of these big gorgeous green treefrogs in the middle of the road at night. We saved it from likely squishage by carrying it over to some low vegetation along the side of the road, where we hoped it would be so kind as to pose for a few photos. We weren't sure whether the frog would have chosen this particular type of vegetation, which seemed a little lightweight for the frog's significant heft. But while we pondered this appropriateness question, Matt looked about two feet away from our subject and saw a second frog staring back at him. Question answered!
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