Phyllomedusa tomopterna Barred Monkey Frog
Also known as:
Tiger-striped Monkey Frog, Tiger-striped Leaf Frog
Madre Selva Biological Station, Loreto, PeruJanuary 14, 2013
Barred Monkey Frog (Phyllomedusa tomopterna)
On a Madre Selva rainforest trail at night, a group of us came upon a massive exposed root ball from a fallen tree. Dan Rosenberg said "in Hong Kong there would be a viper coiled up in these roots", which caused us all to look a little more closely. No vipers were present, but there were a pair of these attractive frogs, which were not often seen at this field station.

Here is a complete list of the herps I saw in the wild on my 2013 MT Amazon Expeditions trip.

Santa Cruz Forest Reserve, Loreto, PeruJanuary 20, 2013
Barred Monkey Frog (Phyllomedusa tomopterna)
Phyllomedusa tomopterna is one of the numerous frog species often seen around the Santa Cruz reserve reservoir/pond. They are really neat frogs, and it was a thrill to be able to see a pair in amplexus.
Santa Cruz Forest Reserve, Loreto, PeruJanuary 22, 2013
Barred Monkey Frog (Phyllomedusa tomopterna)
A couple of nights later I came across another pair in amplexus. At least I think it's another pair; some frogs remain in this state for multiple days, so it could be the same pair. If it is the same pair, they seem to have enjoyed a nice shower or bath recently.
Santa Cruz Forest Reserve, Loreto, PeruJanuary 20, 2014
Barred Monkey Frog (Phyllomedusa tomopterna)
Last year we saw quite a few of these frogs, but this year as a group we saw only this one. Apparently the breeding season this year shifted just a little, for some reason.

Here is a complete list of the herps I saw in the wild on my 2014 MT Amazon Expeditions trip.

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