Regina grahamii Graham’s Crawfish Snake
Also known as:
Graham’s Crayfish Snake
Holt County, MissouriMay 5, 2017
Graham’s Crawfish Snake (Regina grahamii)
Earlier in the day our group had searched along a river for crawfish snakes and come up empty. Late in the afternoon most of us headed north to Holt County and drove along a road adjacent to a wetlands to see what might be revealed. And sure enough, my first crawfish snake put in an appearance there.
Holt County, MissouriMay 7, 2017
Graham’s Crawfish Snake (Regina grahamii) Graham’s Crawfish Snake (Regina grahamii)
A couple of days later Matt Cage and I returned to the same area on our way back from Iowa to the Kansas City airport. We had a couple of hours available in the morning for herping, and we used them to drive along the same wetlands-adjacent road, where we saw a variety of species including these two adult crawfish snakes.
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