Rhinella horribilis Giant Toad
Also known as:
Western Cane Toad, Spring Chicken (Belize)
The genus Rhinella was split from Bufo by Frost et al in 2006, then redefined by Chaparro et al in 2007 to include Rhinella marina. In 2016 the populations of Rhinella marina west of the Andes were split out by Acevedo et al into the new species Rhinella horribilis.
Warrie Head Lodge, BelizeApril 15, 1998
Giant Toad (Rhinella horribilis)
This photo is from before I got any sort of halfway decent camera, but this toad was so big that even my crappy point-and-shoot could capture its image.
Rio Claro, Osa Peninsula, Puntarenas province, Costa RicaApril 15, 2001
Giant Toad (Rhinella horribilis)
These tiny toadlets were a-hopping all over the shores of a peaceful lagoon in the Rio Claro. They had obviously just graduated from the tadpoling life and were about to begin eating their way to tremendously large adult toadhood.
Esquinas Rainforest Lodge, Golfito region, Puntarenas province, Costa RicaSeptember 24, 2001
Giant Toad (Rhinella horribilis)
Here's a nice big chunky adult, one of dozens we saw galumphing around the Golfito area. A particularly large individual spent its evenings eating cat food from the dish of the lodge's resident kitty.
Evergreen Lodge grounds, Limon province, Costa RicaAugust 8, 2010
Giant Toad (Rhinella horribilis)
Mommy, what large parotoid glands you have!
Sueño Azul Resort, Sarapiqui, Puntarenas province, Costa RicaAugust 10, 2010
Giant Toad (Rhinella horribilis)
"This is my pool, bub. Stay the heck away."
Hotel Campestre grounds, El Valle de Antón, Coclé province, PanamaJanuary 9, 2014
Giant Toad (Rhinella horribilis) Giant Toad (Rhinella horribilis)
Giant Toads patrolled a large concrete pond in front of the hotel by day and by night.
Hotel Campestre grounds, El Valle de Antón, Coclé province, PanamaJanuary 27, 2016
Giant Toad (Rhinella horribilis) Giant Toad (Rhinella horribilis)
These toads always look to me as if they are in the midst of serious philosophical thoughts.
Huatabampo, Sonora, MexicoAugust 22, 2017
Giant Toad (Rhinella horribilis)
Michael Cravens, a braver man than I, grabbed this fat, juicy, poison-oozing toad as it tried to escape into infinite piles of disgustingly smelly landfill garbage. I chose not to hang around for a better photo.
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