Rana luteiventris Columbia Spotted Frog
Meadow Creek, Boundary County, IdahoAugust 17, 2001
Columbia Spotted Frog (Rana luteiventris) Columbia Spotted Frog (Rana luteiventris)
I discovered this frog as seen in the first photo, sitting on a rock just underneath the surface and thus partly submerged. It held this position for at least 10 minutes while I returned to camp to fetch my camera, which I foolishly had left behind. After taking a couple of pictures it made a sudden movement and I thought I had scared it off. But it wasn't scared; it was lunging after a water bug snack. Then it swam a foot or so closer to me and posed as in the second photo.
Crescent Lake, Gallatin County, MontanaAugust 25, 2001
Columbia Spotted Frog (Rana luteiventris)
This impressive frog was one of several that I saw along the edge of this small lake near Hyalite reservoir. Thanks to Joshua Puhn for convincing me that it was indeed a Columbia Spotted Frog.
Lake Como, Ravalli County, MontanaJune 27, 2014
Columbia Spotted Frog (Rana luteiventris)
As is the case with many species of aquatic frogs, the trick to getting a photo isn't just to see them, the trick is to see them before they leap into the water and vanish. And then to slowly sneak up close. I saw more than a dozen of these frogs around this particular pond, but this was the only one I saw before it moved.
Lac Le Jeune Provincial Park, British Columbia, CanadaJuly 14, 2015
Columbia Spotted Frog (Rana luteiventris)
My first Canadian herp! This fine-fettled frog was living in a disgusting cattle-despoiled pond that had flooded across the cattle-despoiled trail. Did I mention the despoiling? And the cattle? My wife and I and our four dogs had to balance-beam our way across a few thin, loose, slippery downed branches in order to continue along the trail and remain un-despoiled ourselves. My wife and I were not happy about the state of this trail (though the dogs did not seem to mind). Then this frog showed up and I was happy again.
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