Varanus salvator Asian Water Monitor
Some other names for this species:
Common Water Monitor, Water Monitor, Water Monitor Lizard
Subspecies I've seen:
V. s. bivittatus
Two-striped Water Monitor
V. s. macromaculatus
Southeast Asian Water Monitor
Varanus salvator bivittatus Two-striped Water Monitor
Puri Kamandalu, Ubud, Bali, IndonesiaOctober 19, 1999
I saw a very young, brightly patterned individual between the hotel and the adjacent rice field. It vanished as I was getting my camera out. It was so brightly patterned that I thought at first it was a Harlequin Monitor (Varanus dumerilii), but all the references I later consulted assured me that the only monitor on Bali is V. salvator.
Varanus salvator macromaculatus Southeast Asian Water Monitor
Bako National Park, Sarawak, MalaysiaJanuary 25, 2017
Southeast Asian Water Monitor (Varanus salvator macromaculatus)
In some areas of southeast Asia, these monitors are a common sight scavenging in public parks, much like pigeons (if you ignore the size, shape, lack of feathers, predatory nature, etc.). But I had a hard time finding them. I expected to see some in Peninsular Malaysia, and even visited a prime water-monitor spot to no avail. So I was very pleased to come across this subadult chilling out on a large downed log near the Bako National Park headquarters.

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