Bali to Komodo, October 1999
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We visited the small fishing village of Pattedong on the island of Moyo. The people of Moyo were very happy to see us, and loved to have their pictures taken. Our guide Karin brings photos from earlier trips when she comes, so the villagers know that if they get their pictures taken now they may get copies later. Despite their general happiness, they would pose very solemnly.
This man went home to change into these clean clothes for the cameras. We had met him on the beach earlier wearing much dirtier and older clothes. The baby is his grandchild.
I liked the look of this lone canoe tethered just off the beach.
The Moyo fishermen created floats for their fishing nets from hunks of discarded flip-flop sandals. Seeing this forced you to think about the extreme wastefulness of "modern" life.
In a nearby grove of trees, flying foxes roosted by the dozens. These fruit-eating bats looked like our dog Yappy with wings, except that they were probably bigger.

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