Gowidon longirostris Long-nosed Dragon
Also known as:
Long-nosed Water Dragon, Long-snouted Lashtail, Australian Water Dragon
This species has bounced back and forth between several genera as further studies continue to clarify the relationships among Australian agamid lizards. It has been at various times classified as Lophognathus, Physignathus, Gemmatophora, and Amphibolurus. Now it has been placed in the newly-constructed genus Gowidon.
Alice Springs Desert Park, Northern Territory, AustraliaFebruary 4, 2003
Long-nosed Dragon (Gowidon longirostris) Long-nosed Dragon (Gowidon longirostris)
Alice Springs Desert Park is a world class showcase of Australian desert flora and fauna, and its natural setting brings in a variety of local wildlife in addition to the captive species. On a blisteringly hot day, we saw several of these attractive and speedy lizards patrolling the grounds.

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Uluru - Kata Tjuta National Park, Northern Territory, AustraliaFebruary 6, 2003
Long-nosed Dragon (Gowidon longirostris)
These lizards have ridiculously long tails, and this one's was swaying back and forth in the warm desert breeze as it basked on a post marking the trail.
Kalbarri, Western Australia, AustraliaNovember 9, 2005
Long-nosed Dragon (Gowidon longirostris)
I'm thinking they should consider renaming this species "long-tailed dragon". The nose is indeed fairly long, but the tail is what really impresses me.

This long nose-and-tailed dragon was basking in the late afternoon sun on the grounds of the Kalbarri Palm Resort, where we stayed for a couple of nights.

Here is a complete list of the reptiles and frogs I saw on this trip to Western Australia.

Kalbarri National Park, Western Australia, AustraliaNovember 10, 2005
Long-nosed Dragon (Gowidon longirostris)
Another impressive specimen of this attractive species. This guy was basking on some rocks near the banks of the Murchison River.
Glen Helen Gorge, West MacDonnell National Park, Northern Territory, AustraliaOctober 13, 2015
Long-nosed Dragon (Gowidon longirostris)
Here's a juvenile, with a somewhat less pointy snout. They are often found on the highest point in the area, surveying the landscape for potential food and predators.
Ormiston Gorge, West MacDonnell National Park, Northern Territory, AustraliaOctober 14, 2015
Long-nosed Dragon (Gowidon longirostris)
In three days of hikes around the West MacDonnell Ranges, this was the only species of lizard I saw in the daytime. Fortunately I saw many different interesting lizards at night.
Ellery Creek Big Hole, West MacDonnell National Park, Northern Territory, AustraliaOctober 15, 2015
Long-nosed Dragon (Gowidon longirostris)
Did I say anything about their tails? Because I really think something should be said about their tails.
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