Anolis luciae Saint Lucia Anole
L'Anse la Raye, St. LuciaMay 29, 2014
Saint Lucia Anole (Anolis luciae)
Like Barbados, which we had visited the day before, St. Lucia is a one-native-anole island. And as on Barbados, we took a guided van tour that took up most of the day, so I had to keep my eyes peeled for lizards at every brief stop. After all, I didn't want to go home without having seen at least one lizard on each island we visited, did I? This fairly nondescript individual made my day when I noticed its lizardy shape atop a wooden guard rail whose purpose was to keep tourists from falling to their doom at a popular viewpoint.
Toraille Waterfall, Soufriere, St. LuciaMay 29, 2014
Saint Lucia Anole (Anolis luciae) Saint Lucia Anole (Anolis luciae)
We later stopped at this well-known waterfall, which would have been quite scenic but for the dozens of tourists crowded in the small pool at its base. Fortunately, the 15-minute stop gave me plenty of time to track down a couple more specimens of Anolis luciae.
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