Anolis pulchellus Puerto Rican Bush Anole
Also known as:
Sharp-mouthed Anole
Arecibo Observatory, Arecibo, Puerto RicoMay 24, 2014
Puerto Rican Bush Anole (Anolis pulchellus) Puerto Rican Bush Anole (Anolis pulchellus)
The Arecibo Observatory is home to the world's largest single-dish radio telescope, which is impressive-looking enough to be featured in movies such as Contact and Goldeneye. We spent about half an hour at the visitor's center there, which was enough time for me to admire the telescope, watch the short movie about the telescope, and photograph three anole species. (The other two were Anolis cristatellus and Anolis stratulus.)

Anolis pulchellus is considered to be in the grass-bush ecomorph (see brief discussion of ecomorphs on my Anolis evermanni page). These types of anoles live in smaller, thinner vegetation and tend to have very long tails. This one was on a painted wooden post when I first saw it, but had later moved down into some potted plants on the observatory patio.

I have read that this is the most common anole species in Puerto Rico. I do not doubt it, but I saw exactly two of these and perhaps a hundred Anolis cristatellus in my three days on the island.

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