Calumma cucullatum Hooded Chameleon
Probably due to some disagreement or confusion about Latin grammar, this species is sometimes referred to as Calumma cucullata.
Masoala National Park, Toamasina province, MadagascarMay 2, 2007
Hooded Chameleon (Calumma cucullatum) Hooded Chameleon (Calumma cucullatum)
This large species looks very similar to the closely related Calumma brevicorne that we had seen earlier. This is the only individual we saw, though we did see it again on a night hike.

I had originally identified this chameleon as Calumma malthe. Chameleon expert Ardith Abate of the CHAMELEON Information Network was kind enough to correct my identification. In her words, Calumma cucullata "is distinguished from malthe by the slightly longer occipital lobes, longer head, and the broad, light-colored stripe extending from the corner of the mouth across the occipital lobes and flanks to the tail." She included a photo of C. malthe from Mantadia National Park that made these differences clear.

Here is a list of all the reptiles and frogs I saw on this 2007 trip to Madagascar.

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