Calumma tjiasmantoi Ranomafana Nosed Chameleon
This species was split out from Calumma nasutum in 2020.
Ranomafana National Park, Fianarantsoa province, MadagascarApril 28, 2007
Ranomafana Nosed Chameleon (Calumma tjiasmantoi)
With the recent revision of this group of big-nosed chameleons, two species are known from Ranomafana: Calumma fallax and Calumma tjiasmantoi. They are quite similar, but one way to distinguish them is to count the scales on the upper lip (supralabials). On my full-resolution copy of this image I believe I can count 17 such scales, which would indicate that this individual is C. tjiasmantoi.
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