Hyla wrightorum Arizona Treefrog
Also known as:
Arizona Tree Frog
Huachuca Mountains, Cochise County, ArizonaAugust 4, 2014
Arizona Treefrog (Hyla wrightorum)
I had arrived at the right time at a particular canyon in the hopes of finding my first Ridge-nosed Rattlesnake when this tiny treefrog caught my eye. There is a nice pond in the area that I knew held a population of these frogs, but the last time I was in the area I saw neither rattlesnake nor frog. So it was nice to see the frog, even though it was just a little metamorph that hadn't developed the attractive colors of an adult. But time was a-wasting on the rattlesnake hunt, and this darn little frog just wouldn't stop hopping long enough to get any sort of decent photo, and I figured I could find more of the frogs after looking for the rattlesnake. I did try again later, but couldn't find any others. But at that point I didn't really care, because I had found the rattlesnake, which was my main quarry.
near Yécora, Sonora, MexicoAugust 25, 2017
Arizona Treefrog (Hyla wrightorum)
This froggy little frog, along with numerous compatriots, was calling from a roadside puddle. Further south in Mexico the frogs that look like this are considered a distinct species these days, Hyla eximia, but in Sonora they are still the same species as in southern Arizona.
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