Trachylepis elegans Elegant Mabuya
Anjajavy, Mahajanga province, MadagascarMay 8, 2007
Elegant Mabuya (Trachylepis elegans)
These skinks are very similar to Mabuya gravenhorstii. One of the distinguishing features of M. elegans is that many individuals, such as this one, have a reddish patch on the neck.

Here is a list of all the reptiles and frogs I saw on this trip to Madagascar.

Anjajavy, Mahajanga province, MadagascarMay 9, 2007
Elegant Mabuya (Trachylepis elegans) Elegant Mabuya (Trachylepis elegans) Elegant Mabuya (Trachylepis elegans)
These skinks were abundant in open areas at the forest's edge and near the beach. I uncovered the one in the third photograph by rolling a log. Normally, lizards uncovered in this way will either freeze in surprise, or dash off under the nearest object (often the same object they had been under before it was moved). In this case though, the skink took the opportunity to pounce on a nearby cricket that had also been surprised by the sudden removal of its cover.
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