Trachylepis gravenhorstii Gravenhorst’s Mabuya
Relais du Masoala grounds, Maroantsetra, Analanjirofo region, MadagascarApril 30, 2007
Gravenhorst’s Mabuya (Trachylepis gravenhorstii)
In the late afternoon, my sister Mary noticed these skinks scurrying about in the ground cover near the ocean beach. They were very active, and each time I tried to sneak up on one that was temporarily in an open area, it would nervously dash off into the vegetation.

Here is a list of all the reptiles and frogs I saw on this 2007 trip to Madagascar.

Ankarana Special Reserve, Diana region, MadagascarMay 4, 2007
Gravenhorst’s Mabuya (Trachylepis gravenhorstii)
I spotted this largeish skink holding a position just off the trail on our first hike in Ankarana. I expected to see a bunch of them, but I didn't see another skink in Ankarana. I did see some skink-like Zonosaurus tsingy though.

It's nearly impossible to tell Mabuya gravenhorstii from Mabuya elegans. The two main differences are that M. gravenhorstii reaches a larger size, and has a slightly different arrangement of scales on the top of the head. I didn't get a photo that shows the head scales clearly, but this individual was large enough that I think it's probably M. gravenhorstii.

Nosy Komba, Diana region, MadagascarMay 6, 2007
Gravenhorst’s Mabuya (Trachylepis gravenhorstii)
We were staying at a lodge/hotel/whatchamacallit named Jardin Vanille on Nosy Komba, right on a beautiful beach on the Mozambique Channel. From the beach up into the rainforest, piles of huge boulders make for a dramatic landscape. Various lizards patrol the boulders, including these skinks, some big Zonosaurus madagascariensis, and at least one large gray gecko that kept scuttling away before I could get close enough to photograph or even identify it.
Anjozorobe-Angavo Protected Area, Analamanga region, MadagascarApril 22, 2023
Gravenhorst’s Mabuya (Trachylepis gravenhorstii) Gravenhorst’s Mabuya (Trachylepis gravenhorstii)
I didn't see any of these skinks in the forest proper at Anjozorobe, but there was a healthy population around (and in some cases inside) the lodge.

Here is a list of all the reptiles and frogs I saw on this 2023 trip to Madagascar.

Akanin'ny Nofy, Atsinanana region, MadagascarApril 30, 2023
Gravenhorst’s Mabuya (Trachylepis gravenhorstii)
Someday, when Trachylepis gravenhorstii is split into two dozen species, I will be happy I took all these pictures in different parts of Madagascar.
Ranomafana area, Vatovavy region, MadagascarMay 5, 2023
Gravenhorst’s Mabuya (Trachylepis gravenhorstii) Gravenhorst’s Mabuya (Trachylepis gravenhorstii) Gravenhorst’s Mabuya (Trachylepis gravenhorstii) Gravenhorst’s Mabuya (Trachylepis gravenhorstii) Gravenhorst’s Mabuya (Trachylepis gravenhorstii)
Wandering around near our lodge one morning, I spotted a pile of broken rock from some long-aborted construction project, and assumed correctly that I might find some basking lizards there.
Anja Community Reserve, Matsiatra region, MadagascarMay 8, 2023
Gravenhorst’s Mabuya (Trachylepis gravenhorstii)
I was hoping this might be some species other than the very common and widespread Trachylepis gravenhorstii, but unfortunately I couldn't come up with any reason to believe that.
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