Sanzinia sp unidentified species
Anja Community Reserve, Matsiatra region, MadagascarMay 9, 2023
unidentified species (Sanzinia Anja) unidentified species (Sanzinia Anja)
Sanzinia madagascariensis, the Madagascar Tree Boa, used to have two subspecies: S. m. madagascariensis and S. m. volontany. S. m. volontany was eventually elevated into its own species, Sanzinia volontany. Sanzinia madagascariensis is found mostly in the east of Madagascar; Sanzinia volontany is found mostly in the west. They have been sampled at various locations and determined to be one or the other species, but the population at Anja, which is further from the coast than most known populations of either species, has not yet been studied to determine which one it is. Anja is somewhat closer to known populations of S. madagascariensis, but the color scheme on this snake is closer to typical S. volontany. But this is a youngster, and the color schemes on youngsters can change as they grow up. So who knows? Not me!

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